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Oh hai, LiveJournal. I’ve been around these parts for a while (oldest entry on this journal dates back to 2007). I’ve been absent for quite some time because everyone migrated away from LJ, but I’ve kept up with a select few who I would not trade for the world. One of those select few, one of my very nearest and dearests (perf), asked me to come back. It may be about that time.

And since we’re basically starting over (I last posted here regularly in 2012), I figure it’s time for a new introduction post.
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Today the new Jonas Brothers album came out, and can I just say how awesome it is? There has been such progression in their music and it's impressive. This CD, A Little Bit Longer, just continues with the progression, and it is amazing! I absolutely adore it. I think my favorite song at this point is BB Good. That might change as I listen to it again and again, but for now, it stays. I had a hard time finding it though, the cashier had to go get me a copy from the back because they were selling out so fast, which is awesome for the boys. I was afraid at first I wasn't going to be able to get it, but thankfully there were some left. And the CD features when you pop the CD into a computer? Amazing. I love the acoustic performance of Love Bug that's on it, and of course all the pictures. My desktop background is the CD cover, fully thanks to the downloadable wall papers that came with the CD. I love it!

Also, I've been watching the Olympics more and more lately, and how amazing is Michael Phelps? He just won his tenth gold metal and broke yet another world record. He's incredible.


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